Here at Slaney, we are proud of what we offer your dogs. The fact that many of our customers have entrusted us with their pets for decades is testament in itself to our dedicated service.

We understand that each dog is an individual, and we adapt to accommodate each one. On your dogs arrival, we want to know as much as possible about him/ her.

We want to know their temperament, history, likes and dislikes. We need to know about any allergies and medical conditions, whether your dog is neutered and see a record of their vaccinations.

We will need to know your dogs regular vet and also how to contact you in the unlikely event that this is necessary. It is a good idea to nominate a friend or family member as an emergency contact, especially if you are travelling abroad.

We ask you to sign if you are happy for your dog to appear on Facebook- most owners love the chance to see how happy their dogs are whilst they are away and we get an increasing amount of requests for this part of our service.

It is always an early start here at Slaney. All dogs are exercised, followed by breakfast and this is all done before 9am.

Dogs continue to be exercised numerous times throughout the day in our 4 fully enclosed paddocks covering 2 acres, and enjoying playtime and general socialisation. We believe in letting dogs be dogs, as this is why they love to come to Slaney.

We tailor their exercise needs to individual dogs. High energy breeds are given endless off-lead fun.

There is always someone on the premises, and are more than happy for you to call whilst you’re away to check on your dog.


“Excellent kennels. All the staff really care for the dogs. The ‘traffic light ‘ system of allowing the dogs to exercise in the paddocks with others of similar temperament is an excellent idea and one we hadn’t come across before.”

Derek Mackenzie

“OUTSTANDING. We take our 2 black Labradors to Slaney Lodge, and they are so happy to go in and greet the ‘family’. One of our Labs is a little nervous and anxious, however, she trots in, tail held high, and greets everyone. Our other Labrador has a skin condition that needs monitoring, and nothing is too much trouble for this lovely caring family. They check him all the time, and if there are any signs of irritation, they make absolutely sure he has his cream rubbed into every necessary area. The dogs comfort along with a lot of love and caring, is their top priority, so when we go to pick them up, they are very happy, clean, relaxed and chilled out dogs. Fabulous and truly deserving of the 5 STARS. We wouldn’t take them anywhere else”

Alex and Chris
“When we had a road accident and couldn’t get back to collect them on the right day, they went above and beyond for us. The doggies love the place too.

I can’t award 10 stars, if I could I would”

Richard King
“Fantastic Kennels. Always go above and beyond.

Scout has stayed a number of times now and always come back happy and well exercised. We feel completely comfortable leaving him and are just hoping that as we move away from the area we can find another kennels near our new home that will look after him as well as the team at Slaney do.

Would recommend to anyone who wants to leave their dog knowing he/she will be well cared for throughout the whole time there.”

Kieran Bedford
“I used Slaney Kennels for the first time after a bad experience at another kennels and now I wouldn’t use anywhere else. My Labrador is full of energy but also not always confident around other dogs, but he loves people and the staff always go out of their way to make his stay comfortable. Lisa, Audrey and particularly Eve have always been amazing with him and given him extra attention if he has needed it. Kennels will never be like home seeing as he sleeps on my bed but every time we drop him off he goes running in so I know he loves it! And every time I drop him off/pick him up there are always dogs in the fields enjoying themselves.”

“We travel from Rutland due to the high level of care and facilities at Slaney. Hetty and Edith (boxers) always have a fab time and enjoy the free running in the fields and playing with other dogs, letting dogs be dogs. The videos are a fantastic idea to provide your customers with reassurance that the dogs are happy and enjoying themselves, and having lots of exercise. You are open and honest and deal with any problem promptly. When we used to bring Meg who was nervous of kennels you went above and beyond to settle her in the quiet kennels in the office area and made her feel as much at home as you could, giving her lots of love and attention. I don’t know any other kennels that go the extra mile and genuinely love all the dogs in their care. You have a variety of kennel types to suit the individual dogs needs. I wouldn’t take my girls anywhere else and will continue to highly recommend you, you should be proud of your establishment and all the hard work you do❤️xxx”

Emma Walkland
“Super friendly, super caring and a dog who comes home happier and happier after each stay (even though I doubt it’s possible each time). I sometimes joke that I’ll be booking myself in next rather than her but in all seriousness, there are very few other people, only family and a couple of very good friends, I trust to look after my best buddy. Can’t recommend highly enough!
Hayley Livsey

“We left our little Kyla with these wonderful ladies whilst we went on holiday. we had a hard time leaving her as she had come from the RSPCA and we didn’t want her to think we had left her. She doesn’t like other dogs and can be nervy at times. The wonderful ladies here couldn’t of been more amazing. we felt at ease leaving Kyla with them. She was looked after beautifully and they gave her so much love. They provided us with videos so we could see her and put up with my messaging constantly asking if she was ok. I would not put any of my dogs anywhere else. Thank you so much ladies for everything you really are amazing loving people to our fur baby and everyone else’s. you did everything and more. thank you from our hearts ❤️🐾”

Nicole Jade Taylor

Definitely the best kennel in the area! We have left our black lab Toby here for the 4th time now and he absolutely loves it! The ladies are so friendly, the facilities are brilliant and we feel Toby is really looked after very well. We will definitely be using their services again 😁”

Matt Palin
“My mum and dad put their dog, Alfie, into kennels for 2 and a half weeks and wanted to say how impressed they were with the care and attention Alfie the Airedale received during his stay. The staff took time to get to know his special ways and sent us videos of him to reassure us that he was having a great time. He came back a very happy dog, and had clearly made some new friends! Thank you for looking after Alfie so well!”
Nigel, Pan, Alfie & Family
It really is a social dogs paradise! Lots of exercise & play time. This place let’s dogs be dogs & the staff seem to really love what they do. Can’t recommend them enough.”
Vicki Reeves

Highly recommend this wonderful kennel and regularly leave my precious 3 pedigree Samoyeds in their care and I have been using this kennels and cattery for a number of years now. Thank you so much for looking after them. The dogs love coming to visit you and especially love your paddocks that they can run free in to their hearts content. My gorgeous dogs are all veterans now but I trusted this kennel to look after my 2 puppies even from 3 months old. I cannot praise the staff and owners of this kennel strongly enough for looking after my babies while I am not able. Thank you so much all at Slaney Lodge. Xx”

Denise McGreade

We can’t rate Slaney Lodge kennels highly enough. We have used them since our 4legged addition to the family was a pup. We were nervous about leaving him at first, but every time we do he comes back more then happy.
We have a large breed, and all to often people are nervous of him, but the staff are amazing from the moment Bertie arrives, to the time we come back to collect.
We have used the day care service at times too. which is perfect if we have to work away from home, and can’t take the dog with us. We know he’s being looked after, and not stuck in the house for hours on end.”

Martyn Cox

“Just picked my labrador Jack up I can’t believe the difference in him from last time he stayed in a kennel, I was a little bit worried about putting him in a kennel again as last time he went in one he came out a right mess, nervous stressed and lost a lot of weight, the ladies put me at ease straight away and was offered a trial day to see how he got on! Jack loved his 2 weeks holiday with you all and his ladies and seems perfectly happy this time… Just tired from all the playing.

This will definitely be the kennel I use from now on, Fab work ladies x